Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Food Post

{In which there is even more food than last time}

Since my January Food Post was so popular, here is the February edition! No preamble this time, go read the January post for my take on food and the inspiration for this series.


Ok, neither of these is especially Taiwanese, but variety is good. Yay for Japanese and Italian!

This set of photos are from the last day of the Chinese New Year's break, when I roamed Taipei with Jack and Patrick. The 小籠包 (steamed dumplings, center right) are from a breakfast place near Jack's house, I ate the crepe (top) for lunch at 碧潭 (Bitan), and everything else is from 士林夜市 (Shilin Night Market). 

Fatty meat from the restaurant at which I took the Banso photo.

Left: personal stinky hotpot with large intestine. I did not want to order this when I first saw it in Hsinchu. "Why?" my friends asked. "You like stinky tofu, don't you?" "Well yeah, but I don't want to eat a whole pot of it," I replied. Turns out I was wrong. It's delicious.
Right: Rows and rows of Taiwanese side dishes! Yum.

客家小炒 (Hakka stir-fry) — I didn't actually order this (my coworker did) but it was the more photogenic dish.

Chocolates, just in time for Valentine's day! Lindt truffles from the States compliments of THE BOSS, Ferrero Rocher compliments of Pei (one of my coworkers).

My partner-in-crime (ok, just partner) at work, Sandra, vacationed in Thailand and brought back these banana-y snacks for us! The dried banana was soooooo good. 

For 元宵節 (Lantern Festival) I ate 肉紙 (literally "meat paper") and 湯圓 (tangyuan) with Pei and Sandra. The meat paper thing is so cool — it's dried meat made so thin that it's translucent. As for the tangyuan, we bought one pack with peanut filling and one pack with sesame filling. Even though I ate six, I only got one with peanut filling. Given that there are ten in each pack, which of you math whizzes want to calculate the probability of me getting five sesame-filled tangyuan?

This last set of photos is from Maryjane's Pizza, where I went with Team K. I had a lot of fun and the food was delicious!

If you missed the post on my dinner at the Pasta Bar with 偉哲, there are some food pictures in there too.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Anyone salivating? :P

with love,


  1. i just had breakfast and am now sitting in history lecture and YES I'M SALIVATING everything looks so good! i must must must go to taiwan soon haha. also, if those are your nails in that picture, you best trim them, girl. ahahahaha. i cant believe you didnt want to order a stinky tofu hotpot!!!!!! i'd order it in a heartbeat. i obviously don't get enough authentic taiwanese food. there's a taiwanese cafe here though that has lu rou fan and niu rou mian so i'm not dying, thank goodness.
    wow i feel like i should edit my comments on this before posting because it's so public and i feel like i'm just rambling on about whatever comes to mind but OH WELL love youuu

  2. hahahah yeah i always forget to trim my nails until it gets too hard to type
    XD umm it's not really a stinky tofu hotpot, just a stinky hotpot :P i guess
    there's tofu but it's not fried. anyway, that's the one i always order now,
    when we go to the hotpot place.
    hehe but your ramblings are cute. i'm just happy to hear from you! :D

  3. Girl, you are driving me crazy. Keep the food photos coming! STINKY HOTPOT YUM!! And those XLB look amazing. Diane, even worse than you, there is NO TAIWANESE FOOD IN MIAMI. What I'd do for a bowl of beef noodle soup!!!!

  4. Haha glad you're enjoying the photos! Sorry to hear there's no taiwanese
    food in miami. :(
    you should make your own! :D

  5. I just finished catching up with all your posts. I was kinda behind for the past few weeks. Your post sorta motivates me to begin writing on my blog more, but my blog is nowhere near as fascinating as yours. And I'm not as disciplined as you when it comes to blogging. I'd rather just watch TV :P. I like your writing style though, Linda! I'll just tell you that again later on gchat, but there you go. :D

  6. yay! it makes me happy when other people feel inspired to blog because of me :) GO WRITE! hehe. i'm glad you don't think my blog is totally boring. as for discipline... ugh i totally didn't post yesterday >.< i fail. but i'm going to try harder!

  7. Oh... My... Gosh......

    your food looks SOOOOO good.


    Im so visiting you in Taiwan........ 8O~~~

  8. Oh, 湯圓 and 小籠包... how I miss you!

  9. yeah, taiwanese food is awesome! and there are lots of other choices as
    well. although there needs to be more mexican food. i wonder if you can get
    that in france...