Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Knights Without Knives

{In which there is a mini Team K reunion in Taipei}

I found out last night that Daniel Hsu, E-camp mentor and NTHU FHL fellowship president, was in a motorcycle accident last week. He wasn't wearing a helmet; his injuries include internal bleeding and subdural hematoma (hemorrhage in the skull). He underwent brain surgery last Friday, and the doctors are keeping him under sedation in ICU. Please pray for him!!

As promised, here are the photos from last Sunday (2/13), when I had dinner with the Team K. Over summer, I participated in E-camp at NTHU, a leadership and English-learning camp for incoming freshmen. I Our team's name was Knights Without Knives (aka Team K, before we came up with the name) and — to be completely objective and honest — our team was the BEST TEAM EVER. I mean, we placed or tied for first in every competition, from camp-wide contests such as the scavenger hunt, tower building, and superlatives game, to the mini-games we had in our classroom (er, not to brag or anything. 'Tis the truth).

But the important thing is that we all enjoyed hanging out together and bonded as a team. Those two weeks were certainly very memorable ones for me. We had way too much fun, what with playing Killer (the card game) all the time, the group nap at Mr. Donut, watching the meteor shower, our long talks... and they are so sweet! I was incredibly touched by the presents and cards they surprised Dennis and me with on the last night of the camp. I'm glad that we can still keep in touch, and that they still hang out together. Sadly, not everyone was able to make the gathering — we missed you, Aaron, Anna, Janet, and Joe! — but I'm really grateful for the chance to catch up with everyone who was there. Dennis was visiting from China, Jerry and Michael came to Taipei from Taichung and Taoyuan (respectively), and Sandy, William, and Willie live in Taipei. It was also good to see Alex and Irene again (they weren't in Team K but hang out with my students a lot).

We were supposed to watch a movie first, but I was rushing out gift packages of chocolate for them (I hand-made all the paper bags) and called to say I wouldn't be able to catch the movie. It turns out William bought the tickets in advance and they were non-refundable, but then they discovered that they had exactly the right number of tickets since I didn't show up. So it all worked out.

They met me at the MRT station but I was already going down the escalator when I saw the lot of them on the up escalator. So I rode to the bottom and then turned around to photograph them as they came down the escalator. We went to an arcade for a bit before getting dinner at Maryjane's Pizza. It was delicious! We each got a pizza (except Dennis, who got a salad — he ate at the same place for lunch!) and traded slices with each other. There was a giant heart lit on the blank wall next to our table, and after the meal I got some of them to pose for me.

All the food photos will be included in the upcoming February Food Post (here's the one from January in case you missed it).

Thanks for a wonderful time of hanging out, Team K, and hope to see you soon!

with love,


  1. wow....
    I'm surprised that I can understand everything you wrote in English~haha

  2. your camera is really great

  3. i know! :D i'm really grateful to my parents
    but give me some credit for taking the photos :P

  4. i know~! so grateful to my parents :D
    but hey, give me some credit for taking those pictures, ok? :P