Saturday, June 11, 2011

May Food Post

{In which there is Taiwanese food — well, more than usual, anyway}

I think this is the latest I've ever been with a food post. Oops. Also, the photos aren't as good this time either. I guess I've just been an all-around slacker this month. But there are a lot more Taiwanese foods in this month's posts, so I hope you enjoy it!

A Taiwanese delicacy, 豬耳朵 (pig's ear). A yummy side dish.

皮蛋豆腐 (thousand-year-old egg and tofu).

燒肉/叉燒/香腸 — my favorite kinds of meat to get when we eat 燒味.

Occasionally we buy lunchboxes too.

Costco pizza in Taiwan: the topping is Peking duck — sooo strange, but really delicious!

Fancy thin-crust pizza from dinner with Auntie Audrey.

This is sea snail. I declined to taste it, but Christine tried some.

水煎包, basically meat or veggie buns.

大腸麵線 (vermicelli with large intestine). Oyster is also a common ingredient, but I'm not a fan of oyster, clams, or mussel. My coworkers joke that I only like expensive seafood (crab, lobster, and the like).

On the right is 蛋餅 (egg pancake), a common Taiwanese breakfast. I have 肉鬆 in mine, but there are a lot other fillings you can ask for.

A guy making 愛玉 at 饒河夜市. Apparently 愛玉 is made by rubbing the dried seeds of a specific fruit until the gel comes out; Christine told me that she made it before, during one of her previous summers in Taiwan. I had no idea! It sounds super cool. And the guy who I photographed was really funny — he was all like "Don't just take a photo of my hands! Take a photo of me!" So I did. Haha. Unfortunately that photo didn't turn out well — I think I caught him blinking — but it was still cute how charming he was.

Omelet and quesadilla from brunch with Victoria a few weeks ago — more photos to come!

I bought these expensive handmade cookies from City Super on a whim because they looked interesting. Haha.

Chocolate cake from Black as Chocolate for a coworker's birthday! The devil forks are super cute too.

That's it for now. Oh and if you're gonna be in Taiwan this summer, let me know so we can hang out! :D

Have a great weekend!

with love, 


  1. hahaha i'd like to eat peking duck pizza... and everything else.

  2. lol everything else too? do you like sea snail? i guess it'd be kind of like
    escargot, but i've never had that either...

  3. I'm with you on the peking duck pizza... it looks awesome. Also, I'll be in Taiwan from July 3-16! Let's eat stuff together.

  4. yay, somebody wants to hang out with me!! :D hehe it would be awesome to
    get to see you :)

  5. Peking duck pizza sounds great! I had duck pizza at a french restaurant in Miami and the flavor was so interesting. 
    I'm back in LA!!!! I'm going to eat everything, and then wish it was Taiwan. 

  6. haha yay for socal! :) i had no idea everyone would be so interested in the
    peking duck pizza. i guess it is sort of interesting. have lots of fun
    eating tons of great food! :D

  7. DANG your photography is getting better and better... missing you and taiwan as always :(

  8. it's getting better??? lol i totally thought this post would show how it was
    getting WORSE hahaha

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