Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Omelet to Go

{In which you get to see my Chinese handwriting, which looks worse than that of Taiwanese kindergartners)

Way back in April, my high school friend Victoria and I went to Omelet to Go for brunch (except we didn't get it to go, haha). It was a really cute place near my uncle's apartment and the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall.

We got there around ten-ish (or was it eleven-ish?) and snagged the last two spots at the bar. The place was pretty tiny — probably the reason "to go" is in their name. The waiter handed us a clipboard to write down our orders, and I was really excited because I hardly ever have the chance to write Chinese.

Victoria and I both ordered a Denver omelet, and I got it as a set with iced black tea and cheese quesadilla. Here's Victoria sitting the bar. Hey, is that waiter behind her writing down that girl's order for her?!

Later, a table opened up so we moved off the bar. But here's a photo of how it looks. Cute, isn't it?

But we moved to the table since they had cool artwork on the wall there.

They provided unlimited iced tea, but if you wanted milk tea you have to mix it yourself. So that's what Victoria did while we waited for our omelets to arrive.

They have a lot of eggs.

You can see better shots of the omelet and quesadilla in my May Food Post

After brunch we decided to walk around for a bit. Since it started to rain, Victoria bought an umbrella at 7-11 (I chose to go without) and it served as a fun prop in our Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall photoshoot — post to come!

Victoria is going back to the States at the end of this month. I will miss my Taiwan buddy!

with love,


  1. that looks really good! and the sign/ wall art they have there is awesome.

  2. ugh you're so pretty. i cant believe there are so many eggs! how exciting! i went grocery shopping for real today (as in i bought ingredients for cooking and such to cook in my apartment) and it's so satisfying to have all this food that i like to eat! not really related with your post, but yeah. happy to know you're eating well, even if the omelets look a little boring...

  3. You look absolutely beautiful! and I like your sweater as well.

  4. hehe yeah! i liked how cute it was :)

  5. LOL why the "ugh" it's a nice change, don't you think? ooohhh YAY grocery
    shopping. are you still in chicago?? i thought you'd be home by now. lol i
    usually don't eat all that well. but it's nice to eat something other than
    taiwanese food every once in a while.