Thursday, June 23, 2011

Windshield Wipers

Saw this in a parking lot near the office and asked my coworker why all the windshield wipers were up. "So they won't melt onto the windshield," he told me. 

Yup, Taiwan summers are sweltering. I'm starting to love rain; I used to hate how inconvenient it made everything, but now I'd be grateful for a respite from the heat.

Hope that, unlike me, you're enjoying summer weather!

with love,


  1. i never would have guessed!
    dang, that must be reeeeally hot though.

  2. HOW FUNNY i used to do that as a prank on unsuspecting people who parked their cars outside albertsons... love the photo

  3. lol i do kind of wonder if he was serious or not. do those things melt that
    easily? but it DOES get super hot so maybe it's true. thank goodness it's
    raining today! unfortunately i forgot my umbrella >.<

  4. lol you did??? what do you mean and why don't i remember this? was this on
    friends or on random strangers?? had no idea you did stuff like that...

  5. taiwan is indeed very hot!! O_O

  6. i know, it's making me start to look forward to typhoons! then at least
    there wouldn't be so much heat...

  7. Hah! Some people do that for the opposite reason: when it's snowy/icy, lifting your wipers up keeps them from getting frosted to the windshield. (Easier to scrape, and less likely to break if you forget they're frozen and try to turn them on.)

  8. Ooh, I had no idea! Thanks for the tip.

    I'm totally spoiled by Southern California weather. It's always kind of
    strange to remember that in some places, people actually have to deal with
    ice and snow and stuff. :P