Saturday, June 18, 2011

Volleyball at NTHU

{In which there are photos of people in mid-air}

I love hanging out with NTHU FHL since being with them reminds me so much of the good times I had with Berkeley ICA. They're fun and quirky and kind and refreshing. I always felt relaxed and happy and cared for with my friends from ICA, and it's so comforting to find a group of people in Taiwan that can recreate that feeling for me.

So when I was a little stressed out over the wedding photos, way back in March, I decided a change of scenery was in order and made my way to 新竹 (Hsinchu) to see them. I was excited when I found out people wanted to play volleyball — I'm not that good at it, but I have fond memories of taking volleyball class with Brian, David, and Helen, and getting tips from Danny, and playing for fun at Willard Park.

Hanging out with cool people and getting some exercise definitely made me feel a lot better. :) In the middle of playing, I suddenly remembered my camera and whipped it out to capture the moment. I'm not much of an action photographer — I prefer portraits — but it's fun to try something different. And it's so cool to catch people in the middle of a jump. :)

I mean, look at this one; 立偉's serve is amazing!

Hehe, 如磐 totally looks like he's dancing. :P

Face-off! So cute how gleeful 偉哲 looks in this photo:

I had so much fun shooting the volleyball net!

I really like this shot of Andy:

And of course 偉哲 is ridiculously photogenic as always (for further evidence, see the Taipei Fine Arts Museum photos, or the ones from 西門町).

That net is so awesome. :D

And here's Williamson all tired out afterward. :P

So yeah, I had a ton of fun! These are just the volleyball photos — there are other ones from when I visited NTHU in March; I'll share those in another post.

Anyway, sorry I've been slow with photos lately. But today I somehow woke up at 5am (on a Saturday! *gasp*) and decided to process some photos, and it felt soooo good to be productive, especially so early in the morning. :) So there will be more photo posts coming next week. Yay! 

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

with love,

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