Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've been horribly unproductive lately.  On Tuesday I chose to do laundry instead of blogging or working on photos, which makes me feel kind of guilty. But at least I have clean clothes.

I meant to work extra hard yesterday, but I came home, turned on my laptop, and promptly fell asleep. I think I woke up around 2am to turn off the light before going back to sleep.

So far tonight, I've processed another 10% of the wedding photos. I still have a lot more to go. I'm taking a quick break to post a few photos of - you guessed it - parrots. That way you have something to look at while I go back to working on photos. I'm pretty sure the pictures won't be done by this week (sorry!). Maybe next week? Fingers crossed...

My coworkers went to a temple to 拜拜 (make offerings to the gods) and I tagged along to photograph anything of interest in the area. Across the street people were giving out free food in honor of one of the gods' birthdays (I forget which one), and there were three parrots in the room where people were eating. So that's why I have photos of parrots.

Hope you're having a great week! Usually I can't wait for the weekend to be here, but recently I've found the days going by too quickly. Probably because I feel like I haven't made enough progress on on my photos and my blog. Still learning to be more diligent and self-disciplined...

with love,


  1. wow such amazing colors... YOUR PHOTOS LOOK SO GOOD i'm proud

  2. haha i'm glad you're not ashamed to call me your sister :P