Thursday, March 3, 2011


This is 包子 (Baozi, steamed bun) — my coworker Sandra's cat. So cute, right?

I was tempted to skip posting today as well, but couldn't bring myself to disappoint you two days in a row (sorry about yesterday!). I'm currently swamped with photos, so blogging got bumped down quite a few spots on my to-do list.

Besides the thousands of photos from the wedding, I also have several hundred from each of the other recent events and outings (company dinner, hanging out with Dawson, Flora Expo). I should stop having so much fun; it's messing with my productivity. Oh fine, who am I kidding - these past few days have been awesome and I am so loving it! :)

Of course, the wedding photos are top priority right now. I'm thinking of showcasing a handful of my favorites on my blog and then linking to the rest of the album, which will be uploaded... somewhere. 

I need some input, please! 
1. For the album, what's a good number of photos to include so people don't get overwhelmed (like me)?
2. What's your preferred photo-sharing site (Picasa/Flickr/Facebook) and why? 

I've done a preliminary selection of photos (so you don't have to look at out-of-focus photos, or the fifty pictures of the back of their heads — even if that's what we saw for most of the ceremony), but I'm still deciding on the final number. Hm. Since I need to process and resize all of them, I should probably choose just the really good ones, even if that means missing certain moments. Gah, wedding photography is so tough! I am in awe of professionals.

So yes, it is a lot of work, but I'm excited about sharing the photos with you! My photos might not be very comprehensive or professional-looking, but hopefully they capture the spirit and heart of the wedding.

Thanks for being patient as I process the photos and for putting up with fewer blog posts during this time!

with love,


  1. i want to see more pictures of Baozi!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDD

  2. that is a GREAT picture :)
    ahahahaha i also love how you take blogging so seriously. just figure it out. you're a big girl.

  3. 1) From the wedding, I want to see the action. I want to see what happened. So I don't care for seeing 10 nearly identical pictures of the couple at the altar, even if they look wonderful. I would say 100 is a good number.

    2) Facebook provides more opportunities for comments, so I like that. I know Brandon likes Picasa, but that's because he's a Facebook snob, which is because he enjoys being contrarian.

  4. hehe i took more, but this was the best of the lot. i'll take more next

  5. thanks! glad you like it.
    and gosh i'm just polling people to make sure what i'm planning to do isn't
    way too far off what people want to see. geez. thanks for being so much
    help. :P

  6. yay, thanks for the input joel! :D hoping to get most of it done this
    weekend :)

  7. Jia you, Linda!

    Do you know that before I came to college, I did not know that term? Even reading your post title (baozi), I knew what it meant (and so was somewhat surprised by a picture of a cat). Hooray for friends who teach me Chinese words.

  8. gomawo, joel! i agree, it's fun to learn new words in different languages :)

  9. Facebook is hands-down the best platform if you want to share your photos easily and get lots of comments and feedback. I also use flickr (you can see the photos on my Blogger's widget, and actually the last photos I've uploaded are from E-Camp!), but admittedly kind of lost interest. With a Google account, I also have access to Picasa, which as a photo organizing and editing software is superb, but not as aesthetically appealing as flickr. Speaking of which, Facebook's latest photo-viewing window thing is hideous.

  10. i was kind of surprised by facebook's new lightbox thing too. but since
    refreshing the page gets rid of it, i guess it's not totally terrible.
    thanks for your input, andrew! :D