Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In Which I Give in to Vanity

That's me on the day of the wedding, which was held at Alethia University. Yes, you probably saw these on Facebook. Whatever, just humor me (and my vanity :P).

Since I shared my worries about what to wear to the wedding, I thought it only fair to show what I actually wore. (No tattooing was involved.) I bought this dress two days before the wedding at 五分埔 (Wufenpu). The initial quote was NT$880, but I charmed the salesman into selling it to me for NT$700. Not bad, huh? :D

Oh, and here's a gchat conversation I had with my friend about the first photo, which she saw on Picasa.

Annie: I like the picture where the bride's hair glistened in the sun. Or not the bride.
Me: LOL that's not the bride.
Annie: The girl. Whatever.
Me: Um... that would be ME.
Annie: Wait, what?
Me: Yeah, I'm serious.
Annie: OMG THAT IS YOU AHAHAHAHAHAHAH I thought she looked familiar...

Yeah, don't know if that's a good thing or not. :P

A big thank-you to Dawson, who took the photos for me! :)

with love,


  1. I saw you quoting the conversation with your friend Annie and I thought, how cool, that girl has the same name as me....... then I realized you were talking about me....

  2. AWWW you look so PRETTY!

  3. Yay for major charming/haggling skills! :D

  4. lol i'm actually not that good at it. i just know you're supposed to ask for
    a discount at places like that and they'll pretty much always give you one,
    but the question is how much of one (tends to be better if you buy more
    stuff). usually i get discounts in the NT$30-50 range, mostly less than
    NT$100. i was kind of surprised he was so nice. probably cus i took FOREVER
    deciding and he wanted to get rid of me XD (haha jk, he probably just felt
    sorry for me for being so indecisive :P)