Friday, February 25, 2011

How to Solve All Your Fashion Problems

{In which I have a silly conversation with Brian}

As many of you know, Brandon and Phoebe are getting married in Taiwan this weekend. I'm so excited for them and am incredibly honored that I get to be there for their big day! :D :D :D

And then of course I started worrying about WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I GOING TO WEAR?! It was quite a quandary.

I did have the foresight to bring a few dresses with me to Taiwan, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to wear those to the wedding. I'd love to have a pretty new dress to wear — except I am not a fan of shopping. I do it out of necessity and a desire to look presentable once in a while. I do not enjoy the process of sifting through rack after rack of clothes only to find that the one article of clothing I like costs three times what I want to pay. (This is why I do not like department stores in Taiwan.) Plus, I feel like I'm not very good at gauging whether something would look good on me or not, so I take forever to decide — unlike my sister, who is a very quick and efficient shopper.

So I spent most of this week complaining to my friends via gchat about my problem of what to wear. (If you were one of the unlucky people who had to put up with that, I am very sorry.) One of those unfortunates was Brian Plimley, who was, as usual, not terribly helpful but oh-so-entertaining. Here's the edited/paraphrased/reformatted version of the conversation we had on Tuesday [comments in brackets]:

me: [whining about dressing woes with desperation so keen it can only conveyed with — count ’em — NINE exclamation marks]
omg i have NO IDEA what to wear!!! and i only have a few days left!!!!!! should i wear the dress i wore to banquet or try to buy a new one?

Brian:  i don't remember what you wore to banquet. buy a new one! somehow i don't think that's the expected guy answer haha

me: haha really? why isnt it the guy answer

Brian: i think the guy answer would be, "you look good in whatever, just wear what you already have" [I definitely don’t look good in “whatever”]

me: sighhh.  id like to have a pretty new dress, but dress shopping is a pain. [whines some more] dislike trying on new dresses that are too expensive. dislike feeling fat. dislike parting with money.

Brian: haha

me: mmmmm… but then there will be PICTURES. so maybe i should get a new dress. arghhhhhhhhh guys have it so easy! dawson just asked me, "blue shirt or white shirt," and he was set [so unfair]

Brian: you could wear the same dress, and just do your hair crazy different or something. or get a tattoo.


Brian: no one will notice that the dress is the same

me: people will still notice!

Brian: they'll be too busy talking about how linda got a tattoo. you could get some huge dragon on your back with flames shooting down your arms

me: wow thanks.

Brian: i think it'd look good on you! [somehow I doubt it]

me: i think this conversation will make a good blog entry...

Brian: hahaha. awesome. you know i define my success in life by making it into linda's blog [as should all the rest of you :P]

*   *   *

me: im brainstorming titles. “tattoos = solution to every problem"

Brian: not every problem, just the dress problem. or maybe some other problems. like if you had acne all over your face, i think a tattoo could solve that too

me: "solve your problems by diverting other peoples attention"

Brian: totally.  haha it might also apply to my love life. let's see…
   me: "let's go out on a date"
   girl: "uh, brian, i don't think i --"
   me: "OH HEY did i show you this tattoo i just got??"

me: HAHAHAHAHAHA i feel like that would be more like what the girl would do though :P

Brian: haha, true. so there's another reason for you to get one! to have an easy out whenever some random guy tries to ask you out

me: for the next time someone proposes to me? [it’s happened three times so far]

Brian: although if you have a dragon on your back, that could get kind of awkward

me: umm… yeah, just a bit. [guess I need another strategy]

*   *   *

me: i still need a blog post title! help me think of a nice catchy one

Brian: oh. uh, "another reason my blog name should be brianplimleyisawesome” [ha, you wish!]

me-_______- well, i would have a higher chance of considering it if you actually made that your blog. although im kind of tempted to make a fake blog with that name

Brian: yeah. you should definitely make a fake one. you can write a post that encapsulates everything i said about tattoos, but trying to sound like i'm serious [how about I just copy/paste our conversation? Oh wait…]

me: lol YOU should make one! :D

Brian: ehh too lazy

me: i was just about to say that! sounds like too much work. but still, i wish someone would make one. we have the best conversations :P

It's true. We totally do. Brian is one of my favorite people to gchat with EVAR because he is absolutely hilarious. I frequently laugh out loud while chatting with him (even at work) because our conversations are so funny. (But maybe it's one of those have-to-be-there things?)

Oh, and as for what I'm wearing to the wedding tomorrow? You'll see when photos are up! (Er, might be a week or two.) And don't worry, I didn't take his advice. A fire-breathing dragon tattoo would totally cramp my style.

with love,

P.S. I can't believe Dawson made me believe he missed his flight to Taiwan!!! >:(
Oh fine, I'm actually just happy he made it to Taiwan. Can't wait to see him and Brandon and Phoebe tomorrow!!! <3


  1. Brian told me about this. Reading your conversation, I think it is one of those "you-had-to-be-there" moments. Don't worry, that happens with me and Vicky all the time, it's no big deal.

  2. Hahaha. I didn't know you were actually going to post this.
    Yeah, it seemed much funnier at the time than it does rereading it. Ah well. Glad I can at least entertain one person with that stuff =P

  3. lol did you read vicky's blog entry that i linked to at the end of the post? maybe i should have done that instead :P

  4. haha i guess so. i think i must have realized that when i was rereading it too but since i promised you :P