Monday, February 14, 2011

Roaming Taipei with Jack and Patrick

{In which we take photos all over Taipei}

February is shaping up to be a super packed month for me, what with New Years festivities, NTHU friends on winter break, and Brandon and Phoebe's wedding in two weeks (!!). I have tons and tons of photos and am slowly sorting/processing them, and wow it's a lot more time-consuming than I expected. Most of my posts in the near future will be photo diaries. But yeah, lots of exciting adventures! :D

Last Monday was my last day of break before returning to work, so Patrick came up from Taichung and hung out with Jack and me for a whole day. Our first stop was Jack's house, where Jack taught Patrick to fly a plane with the flight simulator while I napped or photographed stuff in Jack's room. Afterward, we went to 碧潭 (Bitan) for a stroll and for lunch before going to 美麗華 (Miramar) to ride the ferris wheel. After that, we snapped some photos of the 花博 (Flora Expo) entrance on our way to 士林夜市 (Shilin Night Market) for dinner and shopping. (It was super crowded there.) It was an awesome day of hanging out and running all over Taipei! Thanks for being great company, Jack and Patrick. :)

(I'm playing around with post-processing so that's why some of the photos look funky... I'm just starting out so I'm not great at it but I have lots of fun experimenting!)

photo credit . Patrick / processing . me
right photo credit . Patrick / processing . me

Hope you liked it! More photos to come soon...

Oh, and totally forgot. Isn't today some sort of special day? Happy chocolate-and-roses-go-on-sale-day eve! :D

with love,


  1. WOW...
    Patrick is so photogenic in the black and white photo
    and you are so pretty! : )

    the chocolate-and-roses-go-on-sale-day
    you do the blog for the occasion.^^

  2. haha thank you! :D
    wait til you see the pictures from monday, you're super photogenic too :)
    i'm hoping to get them up sometime this week but there are sooo many photos >.< hahaha

  3. Nice pics! Good job experimenting with some processing tools. Are these friends you met in Taiwan?

  4. yeah, i met them when i was a TA at e-camp (an English/leadership camp for
    NTHU students). jack and patrick were mentors, though not for my group. i'm
    lucky to know people in taiwan who actually want to hang out with me :D

  5. Hey, it's Jack and Patrick! Hello! Wonder if they remember me... Great photos, Linda!

  6. thank you :) hehe of course they do! you did an awesome job coordinating all
    the games during e-camp :D