Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Taiwan Film Shoot Update

{In which the filmmakers return}

[Update to Taiwan Film Shoot]

Apparently, one day in the parking lot wasn't enough to get the shots they needed. The Monday after we saw the film set outside our lab window, they were back. They might have been there over the weekend too. This time, though, they seemed to be shooting a wedding scene. I wandered by the window occasionally to keep up with their progress.

This was in the morning. Since most of the equipment trucks hadn't shown up yet, the parking lot was pretty empty. They moved set pieces and equipment throughout the afternoon.

The tablecloth is gone, but now there are guests! Even a couple white guys. Probably to make the affair look more fancy and international. And look, those poor guys are passing out paper towels to wipe down the car. Again. Is that all they do all day?

Oh, they also roll out the red carpet. All the actors are probably back in the tent. It was freezing that day. I felt bad for the actresses who had wear skirts.

The tablecloth is back! And they're tying it to the car. Interesting. No sign of the tableware or actors. As you can see, it's starting to get dark. They took all day to set up the scene but haven't even started filming yet. 

Apparently, they were waiting for night to fall. It turns out the scene they're filming is one where the car pulls the tablecloth out from under all the tableware at a wedding reception. I missed the part where the car actually pulled the tablecloth out, but did see them filming the guests' reactions. Basically, the two guys let go of the tablecloth and everyone cheers. And... cut. Yup, very exciting.

So yeah, anyone have any conjectures as to what the show/movie is about? :P

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