Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Boiling Crab

{In which Michelle, Kit, and I eat seafood-in-a-bag}

I was supposed to upload these pictures a while ago, but somehow never got around to it... so now it's a blog post! These photos are from dinner with my high school friends Kit and Michelle at The Boiling Crab (before my mom dragged me off to meet her friend's nephew). The Boiling Crab is a pretty interesting restaurant — basically seafood in a bag. It was my first time, but my friends had been there before and said that there was usually a long line. Fortunately, we arrived early enough not to have to wait at all.

Yay for plastic bibs! Eating seafood from a bag is quite a messy undertaking...

See? Seafood in a bag! It was rather strange at first but I guess the upside is that there are no dishes to wash.

You get to choose different sauces/marinades for whatever seafood you order. We also got a basket of seasoned fried and a basket of sweet potato fries.

This is the aftermath — eating a whole crab was a lot of work! All those sauces and juices. No wonder they gave us a whole roll of paper towels. Plus it's not easy trying to get the meat out. I didn't even manage to finish the whole crab. I ate the legs and claws, but then was too full to want to bother figuring out how to eat the middle part. (Not that I knew how to, anyway.) It seemed a waste to leave it, so I took it home. I think my parents ate it. 

So yeah, I'm really glad I got to see Michelle and Kit over winter break! Hopefully next time I can see more of my high school friends. Miss you guys!

with love,


  1. You're so lucky you didn't have to wait. I went w/ Brandon and Ezra one time, and our estimated wait time was 1.5 hours, so we left for another place.

  2. Yeah, by the time we left the number of people waiting to get in was unbelievable. Try showing up super early next time!

  3. Whoa! I made it on your blog?! I feel so special... ^^ and the pictures look really awesome! I'm glad we didn't take any of us eating... it was so messy TT-TT

  4. lol i totally would have taken some except i was too busy eating. plus i didnt want to get seafood all over my camera!

  5. mommy must ate your leftover crab the other day! we went there few weeks ago but the line was too long so we gave up. However, she secretly bought two bags of shrimp and one crab home last Saturday and I was totally surprised at dinner time. We enjoyed eating them with white wine!

  6. By "the other day" i hope you meant "almost two months ago" XD
    ooh, sounds like a great surprise! glad you two are having romantic seafood dinners :)

  7. hi linda! i've been secretly reading your blog for the past week or so (don't remember exactly when) but have been waiting to make my debut comment... and here it is.

    anticlimactic, i know.

    anyway.... WOW that crab looks soooo good!

  8. haha karey - thank you for commenting and letting the rest of us in on the secret :P
    hope you're doing well in south korea! and yes, the crab was very good indeed :)