Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Good Impression

{In which I discover the reason for my mom's suspicious behavior}

My mom is usually not a fan of makeup and contacts. She always told my sister and me that makeup is terrible for your skin, so you should use it as sparingly as possible — preferably only for special occasions. As for contacts, I first tried wearing contacts in middle school, but it made my eyes really red this one time. My mom was very concerned and declared that they weren't good for my eyes, so I didn't wear them much until college. Even now when I do wear makeup or contacts, she always reminds me to be very good about washing my face and tells me not to wear contacts for too long at a time.

So the day before I left for Taiwan, I was just chilling at home before we left for some errands when my mom came over and said, "Linda, aren't you going to put on your contacts?"

I frowned and said, "I thought you thought it was better not to wear contacts too often?" I was feeling kind of lazy, and since I was just going to do some shopping before getting dinner with my friends, I thought glasses were ok.

"Well, just don't wear them for too long," she replied. "You look nice with contacts."

"Ok," I said, and went upstairs to get my contacts. But I got a little distracted by my laptop (yeah, that happens a lot) and a few minutes later Mom came to check on me. "You're still wearing your glasses," she observed.

"Yeah, hold on, I'll put on my contacts." After I did so, I went downstairs, ready to leave.

"Aren't you going to put on any makeup?" Mom asked.

I gave her a puzzled glance. "I wasn't going to. Why, should I?"

"Sure!" she said. "You'll look pretty."

She seemed to be getting her things in order still, so since we weren't leaving yet, I grabbed my makeup and found a mirror. Then I half-heartedly spread some foundation around on my face, wondering why my mom cared so much about my appearance all of a sudden.

I supposed that she, like Dad, just prefers to have me looking pretty. Easier on their eyes, probably. My dad hates my work outfit — glasses, no makeup, messy hair, sneakers, tshirt and jeans. He thought I looked way better on weekends, when I actually bothered to pay attention to my appearance. Even my mom commented that I look prettier when I have more time to spend on makeup and clothes, so I figured she was just trying to encourage me to look nice. But as I didn't see any special reason for it, I just left it at foundation.

My mom dropped me off at the mall and reminded me to be home by 8:45pm after dinner with my friends so I could meet with her friend and her friend's nephew to talk about working in Taiwan. "Ok, sure," I said, and didn't think much more of it. I went shopping and then had dinner with Kit and Michelle at The Boiling Crab in Garden Grove (yay for yummy food and awesome friends!). I was home already when Mom texted me that she was almost home and that I should be ready to go.

We eventually found her friend's brother's house (the numbering convention on that street was a little odd) and I met Mom's friend, her brother and sister-in-law, and her nephew. And of course the adults immediately began trading compliments once we sat down in the living room.

"Wow, your nephew is so handsome!" my mom gushed.

"Your daughter has the perfect figure for a model! How tall is she?" her friend asked.

"176cm," I answered, then took a sip of my tea.

"So tall! Your husband is very tall as well, right?"

"Yes," my mom answered. "But your nephew is tall too."

"He's 6 feet tall, I think," her friend said.

"My husband is around 180cm. You've seen him before?" They chatted about my Dad for a bit, and I smiled and nodded and answered questions when necessary. I drank lots of tea and ate lots of fruit. Dried mango is awesome.

But soon, her friend was talking about me again. "Her Chinese is so good! And very independent, to be working and living in Taiwan."

That was the cue for my mom to start praising her friend's nephew. "Your nephew is very outstanding as well! He graduated with three majors! And so handsome!"

"Look at your daughter! She's very pretty." Very kind of her to say that, actually, as I definitely wasn't looking my best.

And I must say, it was a little difficult to carry on the conversation I was having with the guy while the two of us were being complimented to death well within earshot.

But it didn't stop there. My mom said again, "No really, he's so handsome!" Then she leaned in and asked, "Does he have a girlfriend?"

I was mortified. Mom's friend noticed, because she laughed and said to Mom, "I think your daughter is glaring at you." Which I definitely was. Thankfully, after my mom got her answer they refrained from talking about my relationship status (while I was paying attention to their conversation, at least).

The rest of the night actually wasn't too bad. The adults talked to each other and I talked to the guy about Taiwan since he went on Love Boat during summer. We also chatted about future plans and stuff. He was nice, and it wasn't awkward or boring.

Eventually my mom and I left, and as soon as we were back in the car, I said, "So this is why you wanted me to put on contacts and makeup?"

"Of course. It's better to make a good impression," my mom said.

I sighed. Thanks, Mom. But I had to admit that she was right about the makeup part when I saw the group picture she insisted we take. Makeup really does wonders for improving photogenicity. And I definitely didn't have enough on. Oh, well.

But really, asking if he has a girlfriend? Completely unnecessary. I thought about telling her how many guy friends have proposed to me within the past few weeks (three, to be exact). I decided against it as I didn't want to alarm her too much. But now I sort of regret it. I would have liked to see her reaction.


  1. My mom awkwardly tried to set me up with a guy at church on Christmas eve. I feel your pain. Loved the post!

  2. Wow, great post! :D So there's been a total of three proposals? You only mentioned two...

  3. That third one happened after I told you about the other two XD

    Also, I can't believe you called yourself "handsome rob" hahahaha

  4. Haha I don't think she wants me to date him, but she does have this habit of gushing over how handsome a guy is and then wanting to know their relationship status that makes things kind of awkward. How did it go with the guy on Christmas eve?

  5. love your blog...and yeah, we're kind of at that age. 3 proposals! only fitting for tall model-types, no?

  6. haha thanks! lol they weren't serious ones, so don't read too much into it. you blog too right? send me the link and i'll add it to my google reader :)

  7. three proposals ... is this for a relationship or for a marriage??? O_____o

  8. haha they were marriage proposals. but those guys were kidding, and i'm totally taking it out of context. it sounds better put like that though :P

  9. I'm on the tumblr boat:

  10. Thank you! Hope it went ok with that guy :P

  11. That third one happened after I told you about the other two XD

    Also, I can’t believe you called yourself “handsome rob” hahahaha

  12. haha thanks! lol they weren’t serious ones, so don’t read too much into it. you blog too right? send me the link and i’ll add it to my google reader :)

  13. haha they were marriage proposals. but those guys were kidding, and i’m totally taking it out of context. it sounds better put like that though :P