Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Swan Lake

{In which there are swans in a lake and a clip from a movie based on Swan Lake (no, not the one with Natalie Portman)}

Black Swan

Ah, the black swan. My mom's favorite bird. The photograph doesn't do it justice, but unfortunately I think it's the best of the bunch I have. Ah, well.

My picture of the white swan turned out better, though. Poor Odile, always losing out to Odette.

White Swan

I've never seen the ballet. I haven't seen Black Swan either, and don't exactly plan to - it sounds disturbing. But I loved watching The Swan Princess as a kid. Especially that first song where Derek and Odette are always fighting when their parents were trying to get them together. I thought it was so adorable! It's fun and their love-hate relationship is so cute. (Although the sudden change of heart was a little difficult to swallow.) Anyway, since my lovely swan photos have triggered that happy childhood memory, I just have to share the video clip with you. Especially since I think it's the best part of the entire movie!

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