Wednesday, January 5, 2011


No, this blog is not my new year's resolution. In case you were wondering. But I do hope to update consistently and share with you my random thoughts, memories, real life anecdotes, photographs, maybe even some creative writing.

Since I've moved across the Pacific Ocean, I've become much more appreciative of blogs as a way to stay updated on my friends' lives and adventures. My sister's blog is my favorite, of course. :) It's what inspired me to create a blog myself. Plus, she said it wasn't fair that I got to know what she was thinking and doing when she didn't get to read stuff by me. And that I should totally start a blog.

So, you're welcome, darling sister (don't be too disappointed it's not a Tumblr). And I hope that you — whether family, friend, acquaintance, or stranger — will also enjoy this blog. I'll try not to bore you to death.

I would have started this sooner except I had a hard time coming up with a name. And as you can see, I've declined to use "" as my url. Thanks for the helpful suggestion though, Brian. I'll be sure to keep that in mind if I decide to start another blog.

Anyway, how I actually decided to name my blog was to compile a (still growing) list of my favorite words and play around with different combinations. A few other favorite words: elusive, linger, resplendent, achingly, clarity. Well, those are the ones with slightly more positive connotations. For some reason these words are also on the list: scorn, treachery, disdain, ruthless, defiant. Some words I choose for the meaning, some for the sound. I'm still collecting words, so if you've got favorites too, be sure to share them!

Thank you so much for reading, and happy new year :)


  1. wahaha because you asked:

    words i like! (usually because of the sound.. sometimes meaning)

    DOLCE (music term)



  2. hehe thanks for sharing christine! i'm definitely going to adopt some of these words and add them to my list :)

  3. hehe thanks for sharing christine! i’m definitely going to adopt some of these words and add them to my list :)

  4. And now!

    ALLUVIUM (mm, deposits)
    BON MOT (two words, but two good words!)
    CONFLAGRATION (call the fire department!)
    DULCIMER (sweet music! how nice is that?)
    EMBER (ember, ember, burning bright, in the forest of the night)
    FARCICAL (applies to so many contexts)
    GALLANTRY (what, ho, lass?)
    HELIOTROPE (makes good tea, let me tell you)
    IONOSPHERE (where all the things you lost show up. "Where are your keys?" "iono...")
    JINGO (cute name for something destructive)
    KALEIDOSCOPE (your eyes, your eyes, make the stars look like they're on acid...)
    LACHRYMOSE (if the leader of the israelites in exodus was clinically depressed, he'd be...)
    MELANCHOLY (what do you call a sad dog that only chases cantaloupe?)
    NUISANCE (see also: nehemiah chang)
    OLEANDER (fun fact: this common decorative plant is highly toxic)
    POPPYCOCK (seriously?!)
    QUICKSILVER (don't drink it)
    RIPARIAN (flooded streets don't count)
    STOCHASTIC (like your humor)
    TREBUCHET (> catapult)
    UNDULATE (did you get an image of a squirming, wriggling worm?)
    VIRTUOSO (but you would be too if you practiced 5 hours a day)
    WHORL (aladdin: tell me, princess, now when did you last let your plants grow high?)
    XERIC (like brian plimley's humor)
    YLANG YLANG (imagine if christine or elaine had a sister with that name)
    ZOOM (because it sounds cool)

  5. oh joel! i adore this list and the notes that go with it :D
    particularly the "nuisance" one hahahahaha - so true
    thanks for taking the time to leave this awesome comment. your varied and sophisticated vocabulary always impressed me :)