Monday, January 31, 2011

January Food Post

{In which I post pictures of what I eat because I love my sister}

Confession: I am not a foodie.

Obviously I prefer my food to taste delicious rather than awful, but most of the time I consider eating a rather inconvenient chore that should be as quick, easy, and cheap as possible. (The only exception is eating socially — I'm more than happy to spend quality time/effort/money on a special meal with good friends, but not if it's just me.) In fact, I found eating so burdensome my freshman year of college that I took to sleeping to conserve my energy rather than walking less than a block to the dining hall and swipe in with my pre-paid meal points (wow, that sounds kind of crazy even to me).

Diane is sorely disappointed in this flaw of mine, as she and her friends love fancy food. She requested pictures of the food I eat in Taiwan, and being an obliging older sister, I took my camera to work with me every day and photographed all my meals, although I am not all that interested in food photography myself (I realized that I am rarely interested in the pictures afterwards).

But for Diane and for those of you who genuinely like food, I'm going to share a few of the best food pictures I took this month. Hopefully I'll continue doing it in future months as well, if you like this one.

粽子 (zongzi) — I found out that some of my coworkers eat theirs with peanut powder and garlic soy sauce. I tried it, but decided that I still preferred to eat it with just sweet chili sauce.

鍋貼 (pot-stickers) — super cheap and delicious! You can buy these for about NT$4-5 each in Taipei.

牛肉麵 (beef noodle soup) — we eat this almost every week because it's so good.

臭豆腐 (stinky tofu) — I love this stuff! Here it's stuffed with pickled cabbage and chili sauce. So good.

香蕉煎餅 (banana crepes) — these are actually Thai-style desserts we got at the night market. Basically it's a thin sheet of dough folded around bananas, pan-fried, cut into pieces, and drizzled with toppings of your choice. I have chocolate and condensed milk on mine. It was my first time trying it and it was delicious!

Quesadillas in Taiwan?! For the end-of-the-year dinner, our boss took us to T.G.I. Friday's. It was a lot of fun! We got fried appetizers, Americanized Mexican food, steak, ribs, and brownies with ice cream. Taiwanese food is good but variety is the spice of life!

When we had a blackout a couple weeks ago, we moved up the scheduled birthday celebration for two coworkers (only by a couple hours)... so we could see each other by the light of the candles on their cakes. :P

Hope you liked the photos - anyone feel hungry all of a sudden? :)


  1. 謝謝!:D
    hope we can hang out soon so i can take a lot of pictures of you :)
    also we have to eat food that's both pretty AND yummy for next month's food pictures haha

  2. wowowow
    the pictures are so great! just like cutting from the magzine~
    haha i think 粽子 taste better with sweet chili sauce too!

  3. aww thanks justin! :) do you have a photoblog?

  4. these are awesome pictures linda!

  5. OMGGGGG I miss stinky tofu so much! These pictures are making me so hungry

  6. yeah theyre super delicious! :D

    oohh and i read your post about sewing! :) i remember taking sewing classes sophomore year. patterns and clothes are hard to make! bags and quilts are so much easier. lol fashion is another one of those things that i'm not that passionate about but have been asked to photograph in taiwan :P

  7. wo de tian ah, these photos are making me salivate. Honestly, French food (so far) has nothing on good Taiwanese street food. Dang. What I'd give for some gu bah mi or xiao long bao right now...

  8. hi andrew! :D i'm glad you like the photos. it sounds like you're having an
    awesome time in france! i really like all the french on your blog. it makes
    me realize how little i've retained from those three years of learning it in
    high school XD