Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March Food Post

{In which I showcase my favorite March food photos}

Time for another food post! Wow, the months fly by so quickly.

Fries and shaved ice! The French fries are from the tea shop we went to post-wedding, and the shaved ice from lunch with Phoebe, Brandon, and Dawson.

Then on 3/7, I had dinner with my relatives: Grandma, uncle, aunts, my cousin Janice, and her adorable kids Ryan and Ian. We went to a Japanese restaurant and I noticed this on the table:

"What's this?" I asked, and my aunt explained that it's sesame for your rice, but first you have to ground it into powder. Needless to say, I was very excited and set to it with much enthusiasm.

It's fun and not even as tiring as 擂茶. And the mortar is so cute!

Eventually I realized how hungry I was and sprinkled my not-very-well-grounded sesame on my rice. Tasted pretty good. :)

Of course, the other food was really delicious too.

Looks delicious, right? It's an awesome restaurant. Loved the food. And I enjoyed taking lots of photos of my first cousins once removed, too (maybe I'll post a few later :P).

The photos above are from the Thai restaurant we went to for company lunch.

Don't those noodles look so good?! The photos are from when I went to visit NTHU in Hsinchu. Will probably post the rest of those photos soon.

Garlic bread from dinner with Patrick at a pasta place near NTU (will post those too, eventually... yeah I have a long queue of photo posts to do).

Randomly took this photo of 茶葉蛋 at a 7-11 even though I didn't buy or eat any. :P

A black cream puff! Yes, it really is black, due to 竹炭 (bamboo charcoal). It didn't really change the taste of the cream puff, at least not that I could tell (I ate a regular one too) — and the cream puff was very yummy. :)

And guess what, this is only the first of TWO food posts for the month of March! The bonus post features food from the awesome buffet we went to for the company spring banquet. The food there is amazing. See the photos in Bonus March Food Post II.

with love,


  1. THE NOODLES!!! THE EGGS!!!!!!!!

  2. I like the shrimp from the Japanese restaurant.

    Cut out the rest of the stuff in that photo, add a city skyline on the left edge, and then you have a monster movie. News headline: "Japanese-Taiwanese Tempura Shrimp Takes NYC By Storm"

  3. LOL you're hilarious
    yay for celebrity comments :)

  4. awesome photos! the shrimp is alive!! XD the eggs and black cream puff made me feel like i was in prehistoric times. also i clicked on "first cousins once removed" totally expecting to see a picture of them when i was brought to wikipedia! o_O haha..

  5. lol yeah i haven't made a post of my cousins yet. i thought people might be
    confused about the term so that's why i linked to wikipedia XD

  6. I love your food posts, Linda! The photos are great. As usual, they make me wish I were in Taiwan right now. Fortunately, I'll be there for two weeks this July... not much time to get my fix of... everything you've posted here!

  7. thanks andrew! awesome to hear that you'll be in taiwan. sounds like your
    trip will be pretty short, but if you have time and want to meet up, let me
    know! :)