Friday, April 15, 2011



Had a buffet dinner with my grandpa, aunt, and uncle in 桃園 when I had a four-day weekend a couple weeks ago; after I was too full to stuff myself any more, I wandered around the hotel lobby and took these photos. (Yes, that was when that lady was certain I had to be a model and asked to introduce me to her son. Unfortunately, we didn't exchange contact information. Oh well.)

Hope you fish fans out there are happy. :P

with love,


  1. hahaha i saw all the photos of goldfish, and then started reading that you "had a buffet dinner". glad you clarified the connection between the two, and that it was not what i had initially thought.

  2. ooooh cute!! are those discus? or just regular cichlids?

  3. @.@ no idea, i'm not really a fish person...