Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lunch with the Newlyweds

{In which Brandon and Phoebe wear super sweet matching shirts}

Since I didn't have work and Dawson wasn't schedule to fly out until that night, we had lunch with Brandon and Phoebe on 2/28. Due to some miscommunication, we ended up waiting at the original 鼎泰豐 (Din Tai Fung) for Brandon's parents when they'd gone to one of the other branches. While we waited, Phoebe looked through all the photos I took at the wedding, and then we took some more new ones.

Brandon and Phoebe look adorable in their matching "I love my husband" and "I love my wife" t-shirts! Phoebe said she got them at Shilin Night Market.

Eventually we sorted out the problem and ate at 度小月, which serves southern Taiwanese noodles and dishes...

... followed by shaved ice!


with love,


  1. aw, how sweet. haven't seen them wear those shirts here, yet, haha.

    dude, could totally go for some shaved ice right now. i was going to eat ice cream after dinner tonight but we were out. dang roommates. (you hear that joel? just kidding, it was probably mike.)

  2. i know! so cute right? :D
    hahahaha too bad about the ice cream XD
    and i hope you enjoyed the very strange movie you were watching...

  3. oh yeah. kurt russell was pretty hot.

  4. I ate an estimated aggregate total of 1 cup of the ice cream. So yes, it was probably Mike.

    Adorable shirts. What's that piece of paper in Phoebe's right hand in the last picture?

  5. lol, you're too health-conscious to eat too much of it, i'm guessing :)

    uh, the paper is probably the receipt for the shaved ice. hm, maybe i should
    have made up something that sounds more exciting...

  6. aw this is so sweet. thanks for this! good times in taiwan huh.

  7. i wish we could have hung out more! hope you're enjoying married life in
    berkeley :)