Monday, March 7, 2011

Death Valley

{In which I process a photo from 2008 instead of the thousands I should be working on now}

Photo taken on family vacation to Death Valley in 2008, with the Canon SD800 from Uncle Eric.

Still working on photos. I finished sorting the 2k+ photos from Brandon and Phoebe's wedding and am currently working to process and resize the selected photos.

I actually went through the selection process twice. The first time I chose photos based on what I thought I should include. Unfortunately that meant I was including some lame shots simply because I didn't get any better ones of certain events or people. But then I realized that the professional photographer would have gotten all the important must-have photos, so I should just focus on the special ones and not worry about covering everything.

Thus I went through the photos again — this time choosing them based on my own tastes and interests. That way at least I will like them, even if no one else does (there are definitely a few that fall into this category). I also included some photos that I may not be as excited about but thought Brandon and Phoebe might like to have. And fine, there are still several not-so-great ones I probably should have cut but didn't. But overall the collection became a lot stronger once I filtered the photos with a different mindset. It was a good learning experience.

So far I've processed/resized about 20% of the roughly 150 photos I chose. I hope to get at least my favorites posted on my blog sometime this week, but no promises.

Once I get the wedding photos done, this is the rest of my to-do list:
*Palm Springs photos (from December)
*Photos for relatives (CNY and 3/7 dinner)
- CKS Memorial with Dawson (2/28)
- Flora Expo with John / 萬華區 with John and Mavis (3/2)
- Hanging out with the newlyweds (2/27 and 3/5)
- Company dinner photos (2/25)
... and then it will probably be time for the March Food Post, which means more photo selection/processing.

Each of those sets are composed of several hundred photos. It's a bit overwhelming. Who knew photography would be so much work?! Sigh. The problem is that I keep taking more pictures before I have time to catch up. I think I need to be anti-social for a bit and just hole up in my room to work on photos. And work on my poor blog too. It's been a little neglected lately. At this point I'm not sure when the photo craziness will pass (if ever) but I do want to write up a more substantial/interesting blog post... sometime this week. (Maybe. Hopefully.)

But yeah, I still can't get over how ridiculously awesome it is that this sort of stuff is my biggest worry at the moment. :D

with love,


  1. haha XD i can't believe how much progress you've made on the photos! that is an awesome picture of death valley btw..

  2. um, you did read the part where i said that my huge list is "to-do" right?
    lol. i guess you're referring to the wedding photos. i actually feel like
    i'm not making enough progress at all... but thanks for the encouragement :)

  3. zomg!! that picture is AMAZING!! when i first glanced at it i thought you had found it online or something, because it looks pro! wow, it's so pretty!! you can even see the clear reflection on the water and the incredibly blue sky :D (i really really loooove the blue!!) you are so talented :D hehe a little late in the game, but i like your new site :D (more categories ^^)
    hehe it sounds like you're having lots of fun in taiwan, even while being productive!! I might be going this summer!! so excited! we should definitely meet up!

  4. oops, in case you didn't recognize, it's Rebecca (lol)

  5. haha rebecca! don't worry, i knew it was you :D yay i'm glad you like the
    photo! i'm trying to show my sister that good photos are possible even
    without a dslr :) i'm always trying to improve my blog, i'm glad you
    approve, hehe. YAY WE SHOULD DEFINITELY MEET UP!! wow i haven't seen you in
    such a long time. as for being productive... erghhhh not really, as you can
    see by my latest blog post. >.< hmm this comment is getting long, i should
    probably just email you :)