Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dawson in Taipei

{In which I explore Taipei with Dawson}

I woke up super late the day after the wedding, then went over to the hotel where everyone was staying and found Dawson. We ate lunch and then somehow stumbled into the 2/28 Memorial Peace garden (I thought CKS Memorial was one stop from Taipei Main, but it turned out to be two. Oops). But it was really pretty so we took a few photos before we left.

We took the MRT one stop to CKS Memorial and wandered around until we finally figured out which building the memorial was (it should have been obvious, but I was kind of out of it that entire day).

We felt really bad for the guard who had to stand in the bright afternoon sun. The other guy totally lucked out and got to chill in the shade. The changing of the guard was pretty cool, very ritualized. It was a lot longer than I thought it would be (although I'm sure it wasn't the first time I'd seen it). 

Afterwards, we wandered around and took photos (poor Dawson, I got annoyed at him for taking pictures of me that had the corner of the brochure in his hand poking into them).

We were originally going to SYS Memorial as well, but by then we were both tired so we just went to Taipei 101. As we were walking toward the building, we saw a small cluster of red and white balloons floating upwards.

And... that's me being emo because there was something in my eye and it hurt like crazy and made me cranky and exhausted. So instead of going to Shilin Night Market with Dawson and Robin that night, I went home, crawled into bed, and fell asleep. Yeah. I was a pretty terrible tour guide, not to mention company, that day. And Dawson had to put up with me. I'm grateful he doesn't hate my guts now. Thanks, Dawson. :)

(Photos of me and of Taipei 101 by Dawson)

with love,


  1. great, more of Linda's vanity too.
    hi Dawson!

  2. lol i don't think dawson's fixed his vpn yet. so yes, i do kind of feel like
    i made this post in vain since he can't even see it XD