Thursday, January 20, 2011

Supermarkets are Super

{In which I remember how awesome supermarkets are}


H-Mart is awesome. So big and shiny and full of Asian stuff. I always wished we had one near our apartment at Berkeley. And when I went to H-Mart during break with my new camera, I wanted to take pictures of everything. And did. (Well, tried to. Diane was a little mortified by my behavior. Though she still agreed to model for me. Isn't that so sweet of her?) I love fruit, and there were piles of fruit everywhere. The produce section was awesome for textures and patterns. Actually, other sections weren't bad either.

Bamboo Screen

See what I mean? It's a bamboo window screen. My sister liked another screen better, but this one was more photogenic.

Besides being a great place to take photographs of random things, supermarkets are also pretty decent for chatting with your sister. Ok, so it wouldn't be my first choice for a weekend hangout, but for a place you're forced to wait at as your parents shop for groceries, it's not all that terrible. I remember laughing a lot as we walked up and down the aisles, arm-in-arm, surrounded by rows and rows of food.

Plus, there are baby apples! How can you not like a place that has baby apples?!

Baby Apple

Thanks for being so much fun to hang out with, Diane — at supermarkets and elsewhere. Love you!

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