Friday, February 18, 2011


{In which 偉哲 continues to be ridiculously photogenic}

After the Gauguin exhibit, I had dinner at 西門町 (Ximending) with 偉哲 at the Pasta Bar. It was a cute place — I adored the salt and pepper shakers! (Don't you love how the photos turned out?) The table is tiny, but it felt intimate rather than cramped. "It's small but — how do you say 精緻 in English? —- exquisite," 偉哲 commented. I was impressed; I would not have been able to translate the same word from English to Chinese so effortlessly.

Last Saturday was amazing, and I'm glad I have these photos to remember it by. Thank you, 偉哲, for an exquisite evening. :)

(Photos of me and of the tomato soup are by 偉哲)

Thanks for reading! Photos from last Sunday's dinner will be up sometime next week. Have a great weekend, everyone!

with love,


  1. Those shakers are cute. Which one is which? Is the salt the one with a mouth? It looks like they're kissing, but because one of them doesn't have a mouth, they're just hugging.

    I like the picture of 偉哲 near the bottom, in repose, eyes closed. Makes me want to sleep and rest. Good shot Linda/Good pose 偉哲!

  2. yeah, those shakers are so adorable! my sister says she saw the shakers
    before at emmo, the home furnishing/design/decorating store she used to work
    at. oh and cool observation - didn't even think about the no mouth thing,
    haha. i didn't actually use the shakers so i'm not sure which is which.
    (care to enlighten us, diane?)

    偉哲 said he really likes that photo too! he looks so peaceful and content :)