Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SYS Memorial with Victoria

{In which we have way too much fun with an umbrella}

So after brunch at Omelet to Go, Victoria bought an umbrella and we strolled through the grounds of Sun Yat-Sen Memorial to talk and take pictures.

Here's Victoria pretending to be blown away with her brand-new umbrella from 7-11.

Ooh and then we saw this really cute puppy! Oops, forgot to include it with the other shots of dogs in Taipei.

Then I had Victoria pose some more with her umbrella.

Me: "Wait! Do that again!" 
Victoria: "What, throw my umbrella up in the air?"
Me: "Yeah!"

Cue sequence of photos showing Victoria with her umbrella up in the air. :)

Hehe, wasn't that fun? I love how that guy is in the background of all of them.

I didn't have an umbrella. So I threw myself up in the air.

Then we saw this sign:

Very specific indeed. I wonder if that means you can feed the fish other things. The Chinese characters say "Do not feed bread" — so I guess if you can't read English you can feed toast and crackers to the fish, but if you get caught feeding bread to the fish you better claim to be Chinese-illiterate. :P

And we finally got a photo together!

Why yes, that's our reflection in the window of a tour bus in the parking lot. I'm pretty sure there were people sitting in the bus wondering why I was taking a picture of them, lol.

Have a safe trip back to the States, Victoria!

with love,


  1. at least you got off the ground for the jumping picture! i'm terrible at those. your cardigan is very cute though.

    and that umbrella is cuter than what i would expect froma 7-11.

  2. lol you mean when you're with other people? that's when coordination is more
    important i think. if it's just one person it just depends on the
    photographer getting the timing right.

    and thanks! i got the cardigan in taiwan. yay street shopping!

    haha i totally thought the umbrella was super ugly when i saw it under the
    fluorescent lights, so i didn't buy one. but i guess it looks better in the
    photos :)