Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Still Alive!

{In which I share what I've been up to lately}

I'm back! Did you miss me? :D It's sort of funny how I get more comments about my blog when I neglect to update it as often. I didn't realize people actually notice when I don't post! But it's nice to know that you care and want to see more, and I'll do my best to get back into the swing of things. I've been (kind of ) busy and (very) distracted and (incredibly) lazy lately, and it's so hard to fight inertia. So I'm making it easier for myself by starting with a quick update.

Let's see... what have I been doing since my last post? I had a great dinner with Auntie Audrey and her family — we had Italian food followed by Häagen-Dazs at the flagship store in Taipei. Benson is adorable and super smart and not at all shy about sharing his thoughts and I enjoyed talking with him and with Auntie Audrey.

I also went karaokeing (is that a word?) with my coworkers. It was fun! Unlimited food and lots of singing (of course). I'm so proud of myself for knowing enough Mandopop to be able to sing along to quite a few of the songs (being able to read most of the lyrics helped). They did have a limited selection of English songs as well so I sang a few of those too. I took lots of cool photos of my coworkers singing that I'll show you... er, eventually.

And then this past weekend was 端午節 (Dragon Boat Festival) so I took advantage of the three-day weekend to visit my friends at NTHU. I worked on photos while they studied for finals, played monopoly, stayed up late to talk, went to FHL's sport competition, had dinner with my E-camp students, and basically enjoyed myself a lot (although I must admit I was super exhausted). Unfortunately I also managed to injure my finger and lose my cell phone this past weekend. :( Oops.

Other than that, things are going great. I do experience ups and downs — sometimes I think, "wow this is so cool I can't believe I'm actually living in Taiwan and being all independent and adventurous and having so much fun!" but there are also times when I think "omg I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm totally going to end up being a useless bum for the rest of my life!" For the most part, though, I love being in Taiwan and am not in any hurry to move back to the States (sorry Mom and Dad). And I'm going to try harder to make the most of being here and stop giving in to my laziness and apathy so often.

Which means I'll be blogging again. I did manage to process a few photos over the weekend (not as many as I would have liked, alas) so I'll be posting the May Food Post this week. The photos aren't as pretty this time but the food is more interesting, I think. Anyway, you'll see when it goes up.

Hope you've been doing well! And thanks for reading. :)

with love,


  1. Aw, you got to go back to NTHU! I miss everyone and FHL; I hope they're thriving!

  2. so jealous you got to eat with auntie audrey SHE'S SO COOL. also, jamming your finger on a football sounds very... you. who would've thought i'd have the same finals schedule as NTHU? if you came to visit me this week and flaunted all the free time you had to edit photos and such i'd probably punch you in the face. just kidding. i'd be so extremely ecstatic to see you :) are you gonna post more albums on your facebook? i wanna see more pictures!

  3. haha yeah she is! :) she said to tell you that next time you come to taiwan
    she'll take you out too.

    -____- why, am i a total klutz or something??

    aww i wish i could visit! mm probably not on fb but on my blog when i get
    around to it. i know i know i am sooooo behind...

  4. yeah it was really great seeing them! plus juno (yuno? lol) was visiting
    from saudi arabia :D

  5. It's about time you updated this thing.

    But, glad you're doing well - not everyone has an easy time adjusting to life abroad, halfway across the world from home. i feel similar sentiments toward living in korea as you do living in taiwan. why hurry back home to the states, right?

    Fight that laziness - just think of all of your eager blog readers and the letdowns from that anticipation of a new blog post. And, if not for them, then for me, since i need something entertaining to read during my lunch breaks.

  6. LOL! I didn't really people to notice my lack of updates :P but thanks.

    haha yeah I'm really enjoying life here. glad you're doing well in Korea

    i'd feel delusional if I thought that, lol. but yes i do want to stop being
    so lazy so I'll do my best. :D

    thanks karey!