Sunday, April 1, 2012

Finally! An Update!

{In which I catch up on on five-and-a-half months of not blogging}

April Fools! There's actually no update.

Just kidding. (Though I'm sure you wouldn't have been surprised if that were the case.)

So... I have kind of been failing at this blogging thing. I'm always super conflicted when it comes to my blog because I have TONS of gorgeous photos to share, but then because there are so many I get overwhelmed and I fall behind and the guilt is too much and then I go LA LA LA I'M IGNORING MY BLOG.

But here I am attempting to give you a peek of what I've been doing when I haven't been blogging. It almost killed me to choose just ONE photo per month, but I knew I'd never get anything posted otherwise. In the future, I'd like to share more photos if possible, but considering my record... yeah. Don't hold your breath.

Anyway, here are my lame excuses for why I've neglected my blog (aka highlights from the past few months):

hanging out with Phoebe: hot pot buffet, night markets, HUNGER GAMES! :D

trekking through a gorgeous, misty forest
also: sakura blossoms, bird park, dinner with Ecamp students

making cake pops and vision boards with my high school friends on New Year's Day
 also: lanterns (like in Tangled!), Taipei zoo, National Palace Museum

with Diane and my cousin Grace at cousin Meagan's wedding 
also: home for the holidays! Newport Beach/Balboa, Christmas party, Las Vegas and Valley of Fire, wedding rehearsal, hypnotist, New Year's Eve party

with my family on a train trip through Norway
also: hanging out with Kit in Taipei for my birthday, business trip in Germany, family vacation in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway

sculpture park with my coworkers 
also: going to the beach with Williamson

So yeah, that's what I've been up to in the last few months, not including my usual weekend activities like sleeping in (the major one), board games, table tennis, shopping, etc. I'm really hoping I blog more! Going through all my photos made me want to sort and post more of them instead of leaving them to gather virtual dust on my hard drive. I think it'd help if I went included fewer photos per post. Otherwise it gets too overwhelming for me.

Anyway, how have you been lately? Got any significant news to share? I'd love to hear from you, particularly if I haven't in a while!

Have a great April Fool's Day! :D

with love,


  1. Looks like that time has been very well spent! This is funny, because I'm about to neglect my blog pretty soon, LOL.

  2. It looks like you had fun in the past months. :) It was awesome to see pictures!

  3. what beautiful photos, Linda!