Saturday, October 15, 2011

What Do YOU Want to See?

{In which I poll the audience then never follow through because I am a sucky blogger}

Oops, haven't posted in quite a while. Don't worry, I'm still alive! I do want to get back to posting photos again — I've been doing a rather poor job of keeping you updated on my Taiwan adventures. Sorry! And thanks to everyone who's asked me about my blog. I'm touched you guys missed my posts! :)

Right now I have soooo many photos I'm not sure where to start. There are photos from May I still haven't gotten around to posting! So I thought I'd ask you guys what you'd be more interested in seeing, since you're the ones reading this blog, and then I'll go from there instead of trying to stay chronological like I've been doing before.

This should give you an idea of what I've been up to lately:

- KTV with James, Claudia, and Sandra
- Renee's piano recital + dinner + tea shop
- FHL sports day at NTHU
- Youth Park photoshoot with Brandon & Phoebe
- Offerings/拜拜 for ghost month
- Company lunch at Japanese fusion buffet
- Company dinner at BBQ buffet
- Photoshoot at outdoor sculpture museum with Claudia, Samson, James

- Team K from E-camp (restaurants & dorms)
- FHL people: Patrick, 偉哲, Williamson, Jimmy (restaurants, fish store, tea shop, beach, etc.)
- E-camp TAs/mentors: Andrew, Amelia, David, Connie
- Meals with family friends: Auntie Audrey & Benson, Asher
- Coworkers (lab photos, board games, dinners, etc.)

So tell me, what kind of stuff are you more interested in seeing? Photos of food? Taiwanese culture? My attempts to get my friends to model for me? Silly photos? Specific people? What I do at work?

Whatever it is, let me know in the comments, and that will help me decide how to prioritize my photo processing/posting. You can list everything that sounds like something you'd want to see, or ask for photos of you or people you know, or mention specific subject matters. I'll take a look at what people request (Diane's votes will count more because she's my sister. :P Love you!), then I'll start working on the posts and try to get at least a few of them up before I leave for Europe in November.

Also, I'd love to hear what you've been up to lately, too! Hope you're doing well, whichever corner of the world you're in. :)


  1. welcome back! :)

    i always like any pictures you put up, i've never been outside the united states so seeing other cultures/ areas of the world is always intriguing. any pictures are good but i think ones of food/ cultural things are most interesting to me.

  2. finally! my google reader has been so desolate lately . .
    my votes are:
    1) brandon and phoebe
    2) foooooood
    3) lab stuff so we can see more of what you do everyday

  3. Hi Linda!  I vote for 1) ghost month, 2) brandon and phoebe, 3) anything with food is, as a rule, excellent.

  4. My votes go to food/culture (food is always relevant) and Brandon & Phoebe photoshoot! I do want to see where you work though! Hope you've been well. I must email you soon (sorry!)!

  5. Wow, what a full life. All those photos sound interesting. I like to pretend I'm a foodie, so those pics. sound awesome.

  6. Phew! You're alive! You had me worried for a while there. That is, until I remembered you had a personal blog. :)

  7. KTV! BLOG MORE. I miss reading your blog when I'm in class =P

  8. I hope you have a BLAST in Denmark! Tell Diane I said hi! :) (Haven't seen her photos/videos in a while, either...)