Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Hi Mommy,

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you're treating yourself to a facial this month. :)

Thank you for being such a great mom. You not only gave birth to Diane and me (I can't even imagine how hard that must have been) but also nurtured us, taught us, and loved us all these years (but maybe that's even harder). I know you always have our best interests at heart, even when it's difficult for us to see things from your perspective. You made so many sacrifices for our family, even when we weren't always grateful. Thank you for supporting us when we want to go on adventures far from home, then reminding us of important things we'd otherwise forget. I don't know what we'd do without you!

I'm learning to appreciate everything you've done for us more and more as the years pass. Thank you so much, and I love you Mommy!

with love,


  1. I told mommy on Friday that you will post a blog for Mother's day and she did not believe me and she was kind of disappointed this morning before leaving for church since there is no blog for Mother's day yet.... hahaha

    She admits that I know our daughter better than she, and she is very happy and touched! BTW, she said you can put her picture on your blog now, as long as it is a beautiful one, since blog without photos is not so interesting.....

  2. I am so touched by your wonderful words about me. It has been so hard for me to maintain the close relationship with grandma. So I always wish I could make a difference...well, you are doing a better job than your mom in this regard. I remembered you composed a song for me and I should have flame these wonderful works of you....Thanks, dear. These wonderful gifts will always in my heart.

  3. HAHAHA yeah sorry i was a little late with it. hehe you know me so well :)
    ooh good to hear she doesn't mind photos. i'll look for a good one! :D

  4. awww thanks mommy, glad you like the blog post :)

  5. As you mentioned of "facial"--- I was offered a free facial from auntie M. Isn 't that wonderful??? Yesterday a cute about 4 or 5 years boy gave me the flower and wished me Happy Mother's day. It was such a great moment and it reminded me about the good old time when you were about that age --- You drew many cute things for me on Mother's days and one time you even won a painting contest as the youngest and outstanding artist. (You drew a big circle and few hair on top of the circle in front of all the judges in the white board.) One of these days, I shall find that picture!!!

  6. hahahaha i think i remember that! well, not drawing it, but i remember the
    photo. :)
    glad to hear that you're getting a facial and that you got a flower from a
    cute boy! :P

  7. I recalled the photo was taken at Holiday Inn at the entrance to Canyon de Chelly National Monument in May 2007.

    What a unforgettable trip to so many places in AZ and got lost in the four corner area (borders of AZ, NM, UT and CO) in the mid-night.....gasoline was almost gone and could not find the hotel in Indian reservation area. What an adventure. But I still hope to go there in the near future.

    See the beautiful photo from the link and hope you can join me next time too....

  8. hehe yeah that was an interesting trip... :P