Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mochi Video

So, as some of you may know, I got a bunny about a month ago! His name is Mochi. I think of him as a red bean mochi, my favorite, since his eyes are white. And he is very, very adorable. (Though a lot bigger now than when I first got him. And look, there are even baby pictures! Yeah, I'm kinda disappointed his eyes turned redder, but ah well.)

Phoebe has been requesting a video, so here it is, finally! It's mainly just Mochi jumping around in a cardboard box. If you adore bunnies, you'll probably like it. Otherwise, you'll probably get bored after half a minute or so. In which case you totally have my permission to move on, haha.

Hope you've been doing well!



  1. woah! Mochi is huge now! 

  2. that was a few weeks ago... he's even bigger now! scary how fast he's growing. came back from singapore and was totally "OMG HE'S SO BIG!" :P

  3. Aaaah, he is SO CUTE!!! And his baby photos are precious! His ears are so much longer now too!

  4. Yeah, he wasn't that small when he showed up, haha. And he is SO BIG now! And he's not even done growing! But yeah, it's fun to watch him charging/binkying/romping around the room. He likes to jump on the bed and then zoom around really fast, haha. :)