Wednesday, August 3, 2011


{In which I make you all insanely jealous because my friend is THAT gorgeous}

So, way back in May (yes I know how behind I am with photos), Christine came to Taiwan for a family friend's wedding. And I was SOOOO EXCITED to get to see her! :D We bought a ton of Taiwanese snacks at 7-11 and had a fabulous sleepover filled with lots and lots of girl talk. And then the next day we spent the morning primping and then had photo shoots around Taipei. :P This is one of my favorites:

I love having Christine around — not only is she fun and free-spirited and adorable and kind, she's also a wonderful friend and lovely model (her eyes are beautiful).

Just look at all these photos:

See? Absolutely gorgeous.

The shots with the flowers and sidewalk were taken in the alley where I live (my address goes: street, compass direction, section, lane, alley, number, floor; so, yes, I really do mean alley), the donut shot at 五分埔 (Wufenpu), and the rest in between the City Hall Bus Station and Eslite.

Ooh, here's a silly one at the Taipei City Hall MRT Station:

If you're wondering why there aren't any pictures of me... well, there are. Quite a few, in fact. But I am just not as photogenic, and I looked funny in most of the photos taken that day. So I'm not sharing as many of me.

Hm I guess the photos of me when we went shopping at 五分埔 (Wufenpu) are decent-ish too.

Ok maybe not. SERIOUSLY, LINDA, STOP SLOUCHING SO MUCH. Plus, your friends are right; your "neutral face" looks super frown-y. (Yes, that is my neutral face.) But at least you get a sense of what the shopping is like in Taiwan (read: awesome).

(All photos of me, as well as of those two ladies, are courtesy of Christine.)

We did a LOT of shopping that day. After brunch, we read books and hung out with Christine's friends for a bit at Eslite, and then went shopping at 五分埔, 後車站 (near Taipei Main Station), 地下街 (underground mall), and 饒河夜市 (Raohe Night Market). We did a ton of walking and were super exhausted after. But we got a lot done, and it was so much fun to shop and chat together. (Christine is awesome at haggling. But apparently her mom is even better at it. She can get more than 50% off asking price. A master. Seriously.)

Ending with this shot of Christine trying sea snail, because it's cute and funny (and because you'll probably go back to admire the pretty shots again, anyway):

Hehe. Miss you lots, Christine! Can't wait til the next time we hang out. <3

with love,


  1. What gorgeous pictures! I wish our local 7-11 had Taiwanese snacks! I've yet to visit (my hubbie's side of the family is Taiwanese) but when I do, it'll be awesome.

  2. Thanks! Hope you get to visit soon. Taiwan is a lot of fun! :D

  3. you guys are both making me jealous. so pretty! those flowers are gorgeous too.

  4. haha thanks! yeah i never noticed those flowers until that day, haha. even though i walk by them all the time. :P

  5. If you looked funny in those photos, all the more reason to post it for us. =D

  6. "decent-ish"? lies! 

    i fully concur with poster above! (:

  7. I love your pouty face. Also, the one where your face is by the flowers looks super cute and fobby! YAY! Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE your hat. I totally need a hat. I'm getting so tan in Miami =(

  8. lol i'll keep that in mind next time...

  9. LOL thanks. i'm not even pouting, that's just how i look when i don't do anything with my face. XD and omg i know i'm turning into a fob, it's kind of scary. yay glad you like the hat! sadly enough, i haven't worn it since that day even though i told myself it was for sun protection... lol. fail. hope you get a new hat soon! post photos! :D